Ultrasound Services in Grand Junction 

What is ultrasound imaging?


Ultrasound imaging is a non-invasive technology used by our doctors to assist them in diagnosing muscular injuries including rotator cuff and achilles tendon tears. It is also used to guide injections by enabling the physician to "see" in real time what is going on inside the body. Ultrasound scans use sound waves to produce images of muscles and tendons. 


Ultrasound scanning is a quicker, easier and more economical way to assess muscular tissues  when compared to other imaging methods such as CT and MRI. It can often help physicians decide if a muscle is torn or just strained. This can make the decision to return to activity much safer and often much quicker. 

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What is point-of care ultrasound?


Point-of-care ultrasound examinations are performed using portable ultrasound machines wherever the patient is. Whether in a medical environment or at the scene of the injury, this type of ultrasound is ideal for in-office exams.


Are there any risks?

Ultrasound for diagnosis has a long history of safe use and doesn't expose you to harmful radiation.


How does an ultrasound work?

Ultrasound uses painless high-frequency sound waves similar to sonar waves on a submarine. A probe connected to a viewing screen and keyboard is run over the affected area of the body. The probe scans by pulsing high-frequency sound waves through the body. When sound waves hit various internal structures and boundaries, they are "bounced" back to the probe and relayed to the ultrasound system.

How long does an ultrasound take?

Most ultrasound exams are quick and take only minutes. Little to no pain is associated with ultrasound. Pain is usually due to positioning and not the procedure itself.


Our office frequently uses ultrasound in order to obtain a more accurate diagnosis. Both physicians have had training in diagnostic ultrasound techniques and use a MSK ultrasound machine in office. The ultrasound allows for a direct and real-time comparison between clinical and anatomical findings. Ultrasound offers the ability to provide an immediate in-office examination and the ability to capture ultrasound images in real time.

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Ultrasound also aids in guidance for invasive procedures such as injections and aspirations which aids in improving accuracy and a reduction in potential trauma to surrounding anatomy.