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Sports Medicine  Grand Junction, CO

sports medicine doctors grand junction
Our physicians are trained in sports medicine to help you treat and prevent injuries related to sports and exercise.


Sports medicine specialists have obtained additional education and certifications in sports medicine to gain expertise in maximizing function, minimizing disabilities and helping you return as quickly as possible to sports, work, school or the great outdoors. 


Tabeguache Family and Sports Medicine offers treatment for the following:

Fracture Care

• Casting/Splinting

• Back/Neck Pain

• Arthritis Treatment

• Sprains/Strains & Other Musculoskeletal Issues

Joint Injections

• Ultrasound Diagnostics

• PRP & Whole Blood Therapy

• Visco-Supplementation

• Sports Physicals


Concussion Evaluation and Management

A concussion is an injury to the brain where force causes the brain to move within the skull. A person does not need to lose consciousness or have hit their head to suffer a concussion. All athletes and non-athletes, regardless of age, who is suspected of a concussion  
must stop playing in practice or competition immediately.

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