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Patient Resources 


As a division of Primary Care Partners our clinic strives to give our patients as much information as possible so they can make informed decisions regarding their health care needs. It is our job to help patients navigate through the medical world which can seem daunting at times. Our goal is to create a medical home for each patient so they can look to our staff for guidance. This information aims to reduce confusion and provide you, our patients, with the reassurance and support you need.
Please click on each section below to obtain the information you are seeking or to be directed to the appropriate page, this may mean taking you to the Primary Care Partners website.

Patient Forms

We appreciate that the world we live in today is a fast paced one so, in order to provide you with quick, effective and cost-efficient treatment please contact the office prior to your appointment to see what paperwork is necessary before we can see you. If you are unable to fill out the required forms ahead of time, please arrive 15-30 mintues early to complete them. The information provided on these forms is critical for our physicians to provide you with effective treatment. Click any of the buttons below appropriate patient forms.

Payment & Insurance Information

As a division of Primary Care Partners we must adhere to the policies they have established, this includes their payment policies. It is the policy of Primary Care Partners, P.C. that payment for medical services is due at the time service is provided. Where participating insurance coverage is involved, we will request co-payments from you at the time of service. If we are not contracted with your insurance company, we will provide you with a copy of the billing form to submit the claim yourself. Insurance settlements are strictly between you and your carrier. Payment is expected at the time of service. For more information on our Payment Policies click here.

Policies & FAQs

We value your privacy and know that you have many questions about the policies we follow to ensure that you recieve the higheset quality of care. Primary Care Partners has proviede resources to answer your questions about HIPPA as well as the policies we follow. If you have further questions feel free to call us prior to your appointment.


We have created the following handouts to help further educate our patients about issues we commonly see in our clinic. We hope you find them useful.


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