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Family Doctors Grand Junction, CO

At Tabeguache Family and Sports Medicine, our family doctors offer a unique combination of traditional family medicine and extended sports injury prevention and care. The added qualifications in sports medicine make this family practice the perfect choice for families with an active lifestyle.

What happens when you are injured and meet with a traditional family practice physician?  

Usually, you will be sent to a radiologists for x-rays, referred to an outside specialist and possibly sent to a physical therapist, depending on the severity of the injuries and if surgery was necessary.

At Tabeguache Family and Sports Medicine, we provide in-house x-rays and analysis before sending you to another doctor. Our team is capable of caring for basic fractures without ever sending you to a specialist. If your injury is severe enough to require surgery, our physical therapy team is equipped to continue your post-surgical care and help you make the necessary progress toward recovery.  

When you make our doctors at Tabeguache Family and Sports Medicine your primary care physicians, you make the choice to trust us with your families long-term health and wellness. This is a responsibility we take very seriously and we are dedicated to all of our patients and families. 


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